Guest directory

General information

Reception desk is available 24/7 - Dial 9

Check-in starts at 14:00 - Check out ends at 12:00

All rooms are non-smoking - penalty for smoking 100EUR

Complimentary parking and an electric car charging station can be found in the courtyard

A storage room for luggage or other items is available at reception

Information about the local area can be found at the information stand, next to the first floor elevator

In case of an emergency, please contact the reception desk

In your room


Free Wi-Fi is available all throughout the hotel - no password required


Housekeeping is done between 08:00 and 17:00
Use the cardboard sign next to the door to let us know if your room needs a cleaning
If you need extra towels/toiletries or find your room wasn't cleaned - contact reception

Safety deposit box

Use the safety deposit box for your valuables.
Find the box in the closet and the manual should be on it


The remote can be found on the desk or bedside table.
We have local and international channels available



Breakfast from 07:30 till 10:30 - 12€ per person
Lunch/dinner from 12:00 till 22:00
For reservations call: +37120 144 454

Room service

Available from 12:00 till 22:00
Menu can be found on the desk
Additional 5€ fee for every order


Swedish sauna, Turkish hammam and summer garden is complimentary for guests


Located on the 3rd floor
Complimentary for all guests 24/7


If you need your laundry done, find a plastic bag in the closet, along with a price sheet.
Call us to have it picked up

Romantic offers

We offer romantic surprises, including rose petals, balloons, champagne etc.
Book 1 day in advance through the reception desk

Conference halls

We have 3 halls for conferences, celebrations or weddings