Hall Name Floor Max. number of people Price (EUR)


U-shape Classroom 2 hours Each next hour All day
Glass Hall 2nd floor 30 25 20 40 20 90
Golden Hall 1st floor 50 32 30 50 25 120
Bells hall 1st floor, with a private entrance 75 55 40 50 25 150

* Minimal reservation time: 2 hours.

**Free parking for the participants of the seminar.


The hotel Jelgava has a rich variety of conference halls, where not only conferences can be carried out, but also seminars, presentations and other events. The hotel is located in a convenient place in the city centre. At your choice three conference halls are offered – Glass, Golden and Bell. Natural light is in all halls. A projector, board and free Wi -Fi are available for the convenience.

The hotel restaurant staff will take care of your guests, making coffee with snacks for coffee breaks, lunch and dinner.