The Hotel “Jelgava” is a perfect place for your celebrations, corporate events and other activities important to you.

We offer the relaxation complex “Heaven Bells Cellar with sauna and Turkish bath”. Especially charming atmosphere is created by its ancient interior with bricks and oak- tree crossbeams from the 18th century, and ancient forgings for doors and shutters. The interior is excellently supplemented by church bells from the 18th century and various ship bells.

During the summer months, the “Heaven Bells Cellar” clients have the possibility to use a beautiful outdoor terrace with greenery and illuminated streamlet.

Our restaurant will take care of an especially delicious meal for you and your guests.

If you want to enjoy peace and relaxation, you are welcome in our sauna and Turkish bath with a marble warming surface and etheric aromas, leisurely enjoying cocktails and snacks offered by our restaurant.

Sauna and Turkish bath are offered for extra charge.


Price list for Heaven Bells Cellar (the maximum number of guests: 65 people)
Mon., Tu., W., Th., Su. Fr., Sat.  
per hour  per night per hour per night
 €25.00  €200.00  €30.00 €250.00
   *minimum reservation time for the “Heaven Bells Cellar” and sauna – 2 hours.
  Price list for Sauna and Turkish Bath (the maximum number of guests: 10 people)
Mon., Tu., W., Th.,Fr., Sat., Su.    
per 2 hours  per every next hour    
 €50.00  €15.00    


The “Heaven Bell Cellar” has its own summer terrace!

During the summer months the terrace is open for the guests. It is a picturesque garden with specially illuminated streamlet, which runs into the secret passage to the Jelgava Palace. The underground passage was discovered by the invited experts during the reorganization of the old restaurant terrace.